“Don’t trade in your integrity for influence.”- Richie Norton

– Richie Norton

Meet Alyssa

Your Savvy Savings Maven

Specializes in turning shopping sprees into legendary adventures and willing to sacrifice sleep for a midnight sale.

Welcome to my cozy corner of the internet, where we gather to inspire each other with affordable fashion finds, incredible shopping bargains, and the ongoing evolution of our homes (because let’s face it, it’s always a work in progress).

As an advocate of personal style, I firmly believe in expressing yourself authentically, speaking your mind, and confidently asking for what you desire.

Join me on this journey as we swap outfit ideas that won’t break the bank, uncover unbelievable shopping steals, and provide a glimpse into the ever-evolving transformation of our humble abodes. Let’s embrace the beauty of personal growth, navigate the twists and turns of adulthood, and celebrate the little triumphs along the way. So, grab a cup of your favorite beverage, get comfortable, and let’s embark on this exciting adventure together.

Our Values



We scour the web for it all to save you time and money so you can make the most of every day.



The trust of our readers is essential. We renew that trust every day through the actions and judgment — in our journalism and in public.



We are committed to the transparent exchange of information and ideas as well as encourage respectful interaction through listening & understanding.

Meet the team



Welcome to my creative realm, where imagination comes to life! I have a knack for spotting inspiration on TikTok and Pinterest and transforming those ideas into reality. I thrive on the thrill of finding affordable alternatives and recreating them at a fraction of the original cost.

Lil Z

Shopping Ninja

Prepare for an unforgettable adventure with your favorite broke but hilariously resourceful tour guide! Join me as we navigate through the maze of amazing retail stores, where the best treasures often lie hidden on the bottom shelves, waiting to be discovered.

Rusty & Teddy

Shopping Buddies

We’re on a mission to explore every nook and cranny of the retail wonderland. As we roll through the aisles, we’ll sniff out the most delicious dog treats and uncover exciting toys that will make our tails wag with joy. We’re also on a mission to spread happiness and make friends along the way. So, if you spot us enjoying a cart ride, don’t hesitate to say hello. Just be ready for an outpouring of wet, slobbery affection!


Sky Buddy Support

The original cart buddy, your faithful companion from the heavens above! Widely recognized for my famous face, “Can I have some, pleasssssssss!

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